Sporting Powerhouse, Malikah Hamza, Offered Spot to Play in German Bundesliga Hockey Team

Throughout her young career, the powerhouse hockey player, Malikah Hamza, has been consistently named player of match, raking in accolade after accolade, which include being named as one of the Mail and Guardian’s 200 most remarkable young people.

This year, the 18 year old is about to take her next big step in her journey to inevitably dominate the sporting world.

Malikah’s dad, Boebie Hamza, recently announced that his daughter has been offered a spot on their first women’s side by one of Germany’s top Bundesliga hockey teams, Crefelder.

The team is fairly young, having only been promoted to the Bundesliga in the last few years and playing within the second league of the Bundesliga as the number two ranked team.

Malikah hopes to grow with the team and help push it into the first league where they will be in a position to compete for national dominance.

However, in an IOL interview, Malikah confesses that despite having a dream of playing overseas, she had not expected it to happen so soon.

She had actually thought that she would offered an overseas contract next year so it came as a (pleasant) surprise when the German club offered her a spot.

However, given her record breaking sporting performances, it does not come as a surprise to those that have followed her career.

Since the age of 9, Kensington’s Malikah has never played hockey in her own age group, always playing in senior groups, and becoming the first indoor hockey player in history to make the provincial u.11, u.12, and u.13 sides

She has won most outstanding Junior Hockey Player for Wynberg Girls Junior, won Player of the Tournament at the Regional u.11 indoor hockey tournament, won player of the tournament at the regional u.12 indoor hockey tournament, won two silver medals at the u.12 national indoor tournament, won Player of the Tournament at the W.I.S.E.U.P u.13 girls tournament, was the top Goal Scorer u.14 for Central Hockey Club, was the top Goal Scorer u.16 for Central Hockey Club in, was the top Goal Scorer u.14 for Central Hockey Club , was the top Goal Scorer u.16 for Central Hockey Club in 2015, won for Outstanding performance u.14 for Chesterhouse, won for Outstanding performance u.18 for Chesterhouse, became the Central Hockey Club u.14 Player of The Year in 2015, became the U.13 Player of the Tournament at the regional indoor tournament, was the Most Valuable Player u.13 and top goal scorer at Oakhill Festival in Knysna, was the top Goal scorer at the inter-provincial u.13 hockey tournament held in Potchefstroom and at the age of 15, she became the youngest hockey player to win gold at an under 21 inter provincial tournament.

She is also the youngest South African hockey player to scoop a professional sponsorship contract when, at the age of 9, she became the face of Hockey for the Mr Price Sports brand.

This year, she joined the Western Province women’s hockey league and in her first match, she was named ‘player of the year’, after steering her team to a mighty 5-0 win against the University of Cape Town.

Malikah’s biggest goal however is to play for the South African national hockey team, where she hopes to contribute to the strengthening of South African hockey.

For now however, she will concentrate on improving her skills and proving her worth by making sure that she does her best in securing first league spot for her new German team.

She will be leaving for Germany in September.

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