Teacher Encourages Little Kids to Sing Song Normalising Gangsterism and Violence

A disturbing video has emerged of primary school teachers seemingly encouraging their kids to sing a song that normalises and promotes gangsterism.

The kids seem to be no more than 8 years old.

The video, which is being distributed through social media and WhatsApp, shows the kids sitting on a bus with a teacher strolling between the seats.

The teacher then asks the kids to listen and then counts down before they start to sing the song with the following lyrics:

I love you

You love me

We’re a happy family

With a knife and a gun and a piece of bubblegum

Hosh Pagamisa for everyone

Although it is not clear as to which school this is, the video clearly shows the teacher wearing an Astra Primary T-shirt.

Although it also shows “Cape Town” written beneath the school’s name, the only Astra school in Cape Town is for special needs kids.

Some have suggested that it is actually the Astra Primary School situated in the Eastern Cape and that the kids came to Cape Town on a school tour.

Although the overwhelming majority of social media commentators expressed anger and rage at both the teacher and the contents of the song, there were those few that defended it.

They suggested that it is an innocent kid’s song and that it will not have a negative impact on them or encourage them to become gangsters.

However, they were quickly corrected with most responses stating that the song normalises violent crime (knife and gun) and uses gangster language (Hosh Pagamisa) that was developed in the prisons.

Whatever the reason was for these kids singing the song, it is clear that social media was not impressed and that the teachers in question will have to answer some hard questions.


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