Janine Quits Corporate World to Help Orphaned Children

Janine with her husband, Dion

Nine years ago, Janine Fabe was volunteering at an orphanage when an abandoned baby girl with no name came in. Janine decided to  wash her and spend time with her. It didn’t take long for Janine to fall in love with the little girl. She adopted the baby and named her Hannah. Nine years later, she resigned from her corporate job, decided to open a ‘pace of safety’ for orphaned kids, and named it, Hannah’s Place of Safety.

Janine is not an orphan but she understands what the impact of being an orphan has on a person. She saw this negative impact in her father, who had been orphaned as a child. This is why she initially started volunteering at orphanages and this is what led her to open her own place of safety. Watching her father struggle with the reality of being an orphan had left her with a burning desire to help orphaned kids.

After handing in her resignation, Janine spent the next six months to qualify as an official safety and emergency parent and works closely with local social services. She has four children in her care, aged 3 weeks to 9 years and she helped to find homes to another two two children.

She specialises with helping kids that come from difficult background. The truth is that people do not really want to adopt kids with these backgrounds so Janine works to make sure that she helps heal these kids so that they can become adoptable. If they cannot be adopted, they go to orphanages, which is what Janine is trying to avoid. She aims to get each child adopted within 3 months.

She urges others to also become safety or foster parents, but says it must be done for the right reasons – their reason being love. “There is no money in this and we never ask for money, we would rather accept donations of food and clothing and other items they may need. And if we have a lot, we share,” she says.

Janine says that this is a family initiative with the whole family chipping in. She is especially grateful for the support given to her by her husband, Dion. When asked how long she plans on doing this, she replied, “Forever.”

If you want to know more about, Hannah’s Place of Safety, visit their Facebook page or call Janine on 082 214 8330.

Source: News24 (edited from an article written by Samantha Lee)


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  1. What an incredible initiative. We salute Janine Fabe and her family for providing precious kids with an invaluable opportunity for a second chance in life. May Hannah’s Place of Safety continue to prosper and always have enough and.. more than enough.


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