A Matric Story of Two Accountants and an Engineer

From Left:,Ruan Steyn, Magneil Isaacs, and Cedwyn Vries

Successful people will always tell you that surrounding yourself with positive influences is part of becoming a success. This advice holds true for Magneil Isaacs, Cedwyn Vries en Ruan Steyn. Not only are they best friends, but they also matriculated as the top three students at Cloetesville High School in Stellenbosch.

The academic achievements of these three best friends are driven by a common goal of succeeding in life. They had always challenged and supported each other but this does not mean that they did not compete against each other. Cedwyn says that the competition between them had been intense but it was always friendly and they always helped each other get ahead. It is exactly this positive competitive spirit and yearning for success that brought them together.

Ruan says that he comes from a family that values hard work and learning, and that is why he became friends with Magneil. Magneil was always known as the clever guy in school and Ruan was very impressed by this. He says that it was Magneil that taught him how write in cursive. Cedwyn says that he became friends with Magneil because they were always competing against each other for the highest marks.

Despite his achievements, Cedwyn says that he did not always believe that he was smart. His surrounding circumstances made him feel like he could not go far but it was only later in his young life that he realised that he could succeed if he put in the effort.  He is now convinced more than ever that your circumstances do not determine where you are headed in life. He believes that if you work hard enough, anything is possible.

Things weren’t easy for Magneil either. He had at one point, considered dropping out of school and to make matters worse, his mother had died when he was in grade 11. Despite this tragedy, he continued to excel and he feels that his mother would be proud of him. He is passionate about the piano and in addition to passing matric, he also passed his grade 5 piano exams.

The three young achievers also have another reason for wanting to succeed. They say that Cloetesville is always associated with bad things but they believe that this is not true. Part of their motivation to succeed was to prove to their community that good things can happen in Cloetesville.

With 7 distinctions between them, they will be studying at Stellenbosch University, where Magneil and Cedwyn will be studying Accounting and Ruan will be studying Engineering. And that is why this is a matric story of two accountants and an engineer.

Source: www.netwerk24.com (edited from an article by Nadine Williams)

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