Lance’s Vibe Radio Station Voted Best in Cape Town

Congratulations to Lance Peterson for having his start-up radio station, Vibe Radio, voted one of Cape Town’s best radio stations. The voting was done by OfLocal, a website designed to allow users to vote for the best that South Africa has to offer. The radio station is Africa’s first Youth run radio station.

Founded in 2011, the radio station was initially created for artists to feature their music and for the youth to have conversations and fun. It was never meant to be a business but it eventually developed into a business as its audience grew. The station deals with youth related issues and it features music that appeals to its audience. Lance says that the station is popular because it deals with real issues that other radio stations don’t want to talk about.

Lance says that he had always wanted to be a radio presenter, but the opportunities were scarce so he had to work hard to get to where he is. After completing his studies in journalism, Lance started out as an intern for Homebrew Films, a production assistant for Idols and a Production Co-ordinator for Class Act. He then worked his way up to On-Air Personality, Social Media Manager, Production Manager and TV Producer. He has also worked on the production of the Mtv Africa Music Awards and BET Experience. At the time of being promoted to producer, he was the youngest national producer in South Africa.

He says that in order to succeed in this business, you must have a hunger for constantly learning new things. You should be trustworthy, confident and not arrogant, be open to change and learn to adapt, and if you do not respect others, people will ignore you. You will also face a lot of rejection so grow a thick skin. It is even harder when you are young, because people don’t want to take you seriously but you have to constantly fight for your dream and create opportunities for yourself. You will feel intimidated but do not let that stop you from approaching the right people and trying to sell your ideas and services.
He says part of Vibe’s success is that he considers himself to be part of the team rather than its CEO. This is because of the fact that without the team and without team spirit, there is no Vibe.

When he is not working, he is on his bed watching TV series or trying to find places that sells the best sushi. He also actively supports Nazareth House, which is one of the oldest children’s homes in South Africa. He would like to support the creation for more homes for kids without parents.
Lance was also listed as Love Life’s Top 16 Amazing Young South African.

In an interview in 2014, Lance said his dream is to build a media empire. He said that it seems like an unrealistic dream, but added that nothing is impossible. Two years later, he is well on his way of taking that unrealistic dream and turning it into an empire.

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