The Elllen Pakkies Story: Introducing Jarrid Geduld

Talking to Jarrid Geduld , one is immediately struck by how down to earth and humble he is. The extremely talented  actor just walked away with a ‘ Best Actor’ award for the film, Die Ellen Pakkies Storie, and if you thought that this award would make him ‘full of himself’, you would be wrong.

Eerste River’s Jarrid plays the role of “Abie”, the drug addicted son of the titular, Ellen Pakkies. He captures both the pain and horror of drug addiction and his acting grips the audience, never letting them go. He says that ‘Die Ellen Pakkies Storie’ is one of the most memorable for him, because the movie speaks to his community and the drug problems that it faces. However, he will always be most proud of his first film, A Boy Named Twist. This is where his acting journey began and without it, he would never have been where he is today.

Jarrid says “it was by sheer chance” that he became an actor. In 2003, Monkey Films productions were running nation-wide open auditions, looking for a young boy to play the lead role in their feature film, A Boy Called Twist. Three days later, he was chosen for the role and the rest, as they say, is history. However, he is certainly no one-hit-wonder.

The more he was cast in films, the more he fell in love with the art of acting. He went on to appear in local and international movies including The Flyer, Sudan, Die Tamat, 10 000BC, Unt Lebeen Unt Tot, The Borrowers, Apphohis, Lina and Leo, Faizle and Surayda, Interrogation Room, Zulu, Four Corners, A Lucky Man, Honey 3, The Brothers Grimbsy, The Whale Caller, Black Sails and Crimes Uncovered. These diverse roles are indicative of his incredible work ethic and his ability to adapt to different roles that extends beyond the big and small screen, and into theatre and radio.  When he is not acting, you will find this Jack-of-all-trades running castings as a Freelance Casting Director or making sure production is running smoothly as an on-set Multi-Camera Floor Manager.

If you are wondering “What’s next?” for this multi-talented multi-tasker, he is working on a ‘top-secret’ kykNET series which he can’t say much about now. He hints just a little by saying that “it boasts some of the most legendary actors who paved the way for actors such as” himself. If you want to know about this series, you’re going to have to wait patiently until it airs in January 2019.

Jarrid also aims to feature in a few films and do a soapie for a year or two. Although he loves being on-screen, over the long term, he wants to make a transition into the directing world and get a feature film off the ground. He also has a few other projects in the pipeline, so thankfully he’ll be back on our screens in no time.

Jarrid says that he draws inspiration from people who rise above their circumstances and achieve their dreams and goals. He firmly believes in, and lives by these words: what the mind believes, the body can achieve. “Start believing, start manifesting. Start creating your own future and if you believe in it hard enough, then that’s exactly how it will be” says Jarrid.

If you would like to see why this Jarrid-Of-All-Trades walked away with that Best Actor award, you can book your tickets to see Die Ellen Pakkies Storie which releases this Friday at Ster-Kinekor cinemas.

Note: A special thanks to Jarrid Geduld for making time to speak with us.