Nuclear Physicist, Kenzo Abrahams, Gets Prestigious CERN PhD Fellowship

Congratulations to Kenzo Abrahams from Kuils River for being awarded the prestigious CERN Fellowship (bursary) to complete his PhD in Nuclear Physics.

Kenzo, who is doing his PhD through UWC, was first noticed when he attended a nuclear physics workshop at CERN in Switzerland. He performed so well that one of the lead researchers at CERN emailed his lecturers to say how impressed he is by Kenzo.

Kenzo has a masters in computer science and is an A level student in quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. He is described by his physics professor as the most logical student he has ever taught and a brilliant mathematician.

CERN, which is based in Switzerland, is the most prestigious scientific facility in the world and is home to the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments. One of those instruments is the ‘Large Hadron Collider’ which is used to determine the structure of the universe by colliding particles at near to the speed of light. The collider, which is 27 kilometers long and is 175 meters underground, was used to discover the particles that the universe is made of.

Kenzo is currently living in Switzerland and works as a CERN researcher, where he has joined 20000 of the world’s best scientists and engineers. His research involves trying to find out why nuclei follow a zig-zag of different shapes in the nuclear region they occupy.