We want Principal Isaacs back, say pupils

Ilse Fredericks
25 Jul ’16

Cape Town – While South Peninsula High School principal Brian Isaacs is fighting two separate decisions to dismiss him, pupils at the school are appealing to the education officials to have him reinstated immediately.

And on Tuesday, supporters of the outspoken principal are also scheduled to hold a picket in Cape Town’s city centre where they will call for his return.

In their letter, which was sent last week, pupils appealed to Schafer to reinstate Isaacs immediately.

“The reason us students have not resorted to other forms of protest is because it is not the wish of Mr Isaacs that our education be disrupted. Several calls have been made by students and parents to shut down the school until he was reinstated but Mr Isaacs had made it clear that he would dishonour such a move.”

They said Isaacs’s suspension left a void, and appealed to the department “to make a responsible call on the matter”. “Mr Isaacs is only left with less than three years before he exits the schooling system. Given his contribution, he deserves to exit the system with dignity and honour. WCED and the country owe him that.”

Enrico Marinus, the South Peninsula Community Support Commitee’s chairman, said Tuesday’s picket would take place outside the provincial education department.

He said the committee, which was formed after Isaacs’s suspension in March, wanted Schafer to take her decision and see Isaacs reinstated as soon as possible.

The group plan to hand over a memorandum of demands to the head of the provincial education ministry, Bronagh Casey.

Source: Cape Argus (edited)

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