2018 SAFTA Awards: And The Winners Are….

South Africa’s awards season shifted into high gear this weekend at the at the 12th annual SAFTA’s ceremony held at Sun City.

The winners included Tarryn Lamb for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Soap/Telenovela, Crystal-Donna Roberts for Best Actress in a Feature Film, Rashid Lanie award for Best Achievement in Original Music/ Score, and Ayesha Katieb and Jodi Bowers for Best Achievement in Wardrobe/Costume Design.

Tarryn’s award was for her guest appearance on Suidooster  where she played Kim, a character that that caused turmoil and drama in the close-knit Ruiterbosch community.  Tarryn only played Kim for 6 weeks so she admits that she was surprised when she heard that she was nominated. Born and raised in Ocean View (Cape Town), she is mostly known as a singer but after winning the award, she hopes to pursue more acting roles.

Crystal-Donna won her best actress award for her leading role in the controversial film, Krotoa. She plays the titular Khoisan character of Kratoa, who, at the age of 11, was taken from her home by Jan van Riebeeck to work as an enslaved servant.

Ayesha and Jodi won for the work on the Die Boekklub, an Afrikaans drama which focuses on the adventures of Merweville’s book club members. The internationally acclaimed Rashied won for his work on Kalushi, a movie that focuses on the life of struggle icon, Solomon Mahlangu.

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