7 Year Old Emaan Shot and Killed by Filthy Gangsters

Tragedy struck for the parents of little Emaan on Tuesday, when the life of their 7 year old baby girl was taken by a bunch of worthless gangsters.

Little Emaan was playing in her yard in Ocean View when the gangsters started firing at each other, two bullets hitting her in the chest and hand.

She was rushed to hospital but it was too late and she tragically took her last breath.

On social media, those that knew her described little Emaan as sweet natured, cheerful, full of smiles and very polite.

The parents, Nicole and Azmir, have not made any statement with regard to their loss.

The shooting followed a protest on Sunday, where 5000 community members marched to the homes of drug dealers to demand that they stop terrorising the community.

During the protest, community members spoke out about how their children can’t even play outside due to the drug related violence in the area.

Below is a video commemorating the life of the sweet little Emaan:

Posted by Kelly Nichelle De-Stadler on Tuesday, 25 February 2020