Alaric Wins His Second African Games Gold in 200m Breaststroke

On Friday, Alaric Basson continued his reign as Africa’s best breaststroke swimmer, by winning gold for the second day in a row.

Touching the wall with a time 2:14.21 seconds, Alaric decisively outpaced his closest competitor, Egypt’s Youssef Elkamash.

Youssef won silver with a time of 2:14.83 seconds, followed by Tunisia’s Adnan Beji with a distant 2:15.73 seconds.

He also dominated in the heats, touching the wall with 2:15.31 seconds with his closest competitor, Youssef Elkamash, coming in at 2:17.41.

This was however not his only achievements on the day.

He had helped team South Africa clinch a silver medal in the Men’s 4X200M Freestyle Relay, a team that consisted of Ayrton Sweeney, Brent Szurdoki, Martin Binedell and his twin brother, Alard Basson.

In addition to his Friday win, he also won the 100m breaststroke gold on Thursday, and he won the 200m breaststroke gold at the South African Championships earlier this year.

Note: Check back next week when we will be reporting on the results of the running events.

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