Beaufort West Dam Now Almost Half Full

This time last year, Beaufort West’s main dam was bone dry. However, after some heavy rains, the Gamka Dam is now at 45% full.

The start of 2019 saw Beaufort West being considered a disaster area because of its water crisis.

Some much needed heavy rains of up 58mm began reaching the catchment areas in March, lifting Gamka’s water levels to 9%.

Since then, the Dam’s levels have risen steadily, reaching 30% in April eventually increasing to the current 45%. Last week, the dam stood at 43%.

Despite the relief that it brought, the rains also led to incidents of flooding accompanied by hail storms.

As a result of the dams increase, it was announced that the town’s water shedding programme during the night was suspended.

Water restrictions have also been eased from level four to level three, meaning that households can now use up to 15 kilolitres of water per month.

Previously, the town’s residents had to rely on borehole and bottled water, but with some boreholes in the town running dry.

The town’s water relief efforts came mostly as a result of the charity work done by ‘Gift of the Givers’.

Similarly, Cape Town which was another disaster area, also has dam levels of 45%, up from 25% the same time last year.

Residents in both areas have however been urged to continue saving water, as both areas is still facing a drought.

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