Cheslin Kolbe Wins Title of Best Rugby Player in the French Top 14

He has been embraced by France’s rugby fraternity not only for his friendly demeanour, but also for his killer instinct on the field.

Going a step further, the French recognised his skill on the rugby field on Monday evening at a ceremony when they named him the Best Player in the French Top 14.

Not satisfied with giving one award, they also awarded him the title of Best Top 14 Player at the World Cup, as well as the Try of the Season

This is the second time in the last month that the French has shown their appreciation for his remarkable skill.

Last week, they awarded him the title of World Player of the Year at the Oscars de Midi Olympique (better known by the English world as the French Rugby Oscars).

Prior to moving to France, he had been generally dismissed as being ‘too small’ for rugby.

However, thanks to the confidence shown in him by Stade Toulousain as well as his coach, Ugo Mola, he was propelled to sidestepping superstardom.

Appearing in the starting line-up, Cheslin helped his team clinch the Top 14 title and now aims to win the European Cup.

He promised the Stade Toulousain faithful that the team will work hard to win the Cup and they will play to make the fans and the club proud.

After the World Cup however, Cheslin is resting and has not appeared in a match since then.

Given that he has managed to win a World Cup, Rugby Championship and a Top 14 title in one year, he deserves a break.

The fans however, can’t wait to see him once again sidestep his way to the European title.

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