Meet One of South Africa’s Most Successful Women in Westbury

If you live in or are near Westbury in Johannesburg, today is your opportunity to meet Jesmane Boggenpoel, one of the most successful women in South Africa.

The prominent business executive, who was raised in Westbury, recently released her book, My Blood Divides and Unites, which explores her childhood growing up in Westbury and the challenges she had to face as a person of colour growing up in apartheid.

It also explores the conflict she felt about her mixed race identity, her international experiences on achieving racial reconciliation and how she managed to overcome all odds to become one of the most successful and accomplished women in South Africa.

In addition to being a qualified chartered accountant, her extensive list of accomplishments includes being a Harvard Graduate, the World Economic Forum’s Head of Business Engagement for Africa and a World Economic Forum ‘Young Global Leader’.

She sat on the boards of various companies which include EOH, ETG Input Holdings, the Land Bank, the Land Bank Insurance Company, Agri-Business Senwes, Cell C and Intersite Property Management Services; and she is a founding board member of the ‘African Women Chartered Accountants Investment Holdings’.

She also co-founded an investment holding company, she started her own consultancy (Harvestfield), and she has advised on billion rand projects, largely focusing on investments into agriculture, finance and technology firms.

She has also built a formidable understanding of the international environment, having lived several years in Switzerland (the Headquarters of the World Economic Forum), and having had the privilege of being able to travel to approximately 70 countries on various continents.

If you want to hear her talk or just ask her for advice, you can do so today at the Westbury Library, starting at 14:00 in the afternoon.

During the event, which is being organised by Mashup and The Westbury Youth Centre in partnership with ‘Readers are Leaders’, Jesmane will be donating some of the books to the library.

If you want to know more about her book, you can check out her website at

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