Mitchells Plain Father Wins Lotto… For Second Time

In 2013 he won a respectable R75000 and 7 years later, the Mitchells Plain father of 3 increased his winnings by an ‘okay’ R61 million.

Last month, the lucky winner spent R20 on a ‘quick pick’ Lotto ticket which saw him collecting a total of R R61,633,381.

For those that believe in luck, the ticket was bought at Total Highlands Drive in Mitchells Plain.

Although he says that he plans on improving his family’s situation, there is always a collective fear that winners will waste their money on nonsense.

The Mitchells Plain father has however shown that he knows what his priorities are.

When he won the first R75000, he spent that money on building a four room house for his wife and kids.

He had also been searching for work for the past five years, and only recently managed to secure employment.

Of the job he says that although it had been difficult and physically demanding, he was just grateful that he could “put food on the table”.

He plans on using the money to buy a bigger house so that every child has their own room and he will be investing his money wisely instead of spending it recklessly.

He also says that he will not stop playing the Lotto.

Source(s): IOL, News24

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