Tekkie Town Employee Allegedly Tied Up and Humiliated

Employee in display window with hands tied behind her back

In a post that circulated on Sunday, it is alleged that a Tekkie Town employee was humiliated by being given a sign to wear and told to stand in a display window.

The post states that incident happened at the Tekkie Town in Baywest Mall in Port Elizabeth.

It further alleges that in addition to being insulted (presumably by the manager), the employee’s hands were tied behind her back.

The sign, which was pinned to the employees shirt, read, “I don’t listen to my superior, now I’m in the naughty corner”.

The post, which was shared 461 times by the time of writing, read, “Humiliation and discrimination at the highest order… this individual was insulted,given a sign and still told to stand in a display window… at TEKKIE TOWN IN BAYWEST MALL PE!!! may i add.. her hands were TIED behind her back… What kind of employer does this?”

On its Facebook page, Tekkie Town confirmed that it had received “unconfirmed reports” on an employee being “subjected to unacceptable and humiliating treatment”.

It also confirmed that it has started an investigation and “will have a preliminary report ready by tomorrow”.

It also stated that it has “ensured” that the affected employee “receives all the counselling and support they might need”.

UPDATE: The Tekkie Town supervisor has been suspended. READ HERE.

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