Wayde Breaks 300m Record in Fastest Time Ever

Wayde finished off a month of breaking personal and national records by not only taking first place, but running the fastest 300m race of all time

Competing at the Ostrava Golden Spike meeting, he ran a time of 30.81 seconds, well ahead of Isaac Makwala from Botswana, who ran a time of 31.44 seconds.

This is the second time that Wayde has destroyed a record held by Michael Johnson, who held the 300m record for the fastest time at 30.85 since 2000.

Last year, Wayde broke Johnson’s 400m record at the 2016 Olympics.

Usain Bolt held the second fastest time at 30.97.

Last week, Wayde took the 100m first place title in Slovenia, setting a personal best record of 9.94 seconds and a week earlier, he broke the South African 200m record running a time of 19.84 seconds in Jamaica.

He also ran the sub-10 for the second time in his career and the sub-20 for the 3rd time.

In April, he ran his second sub-20 at the South African Championships in Potchefstroom, winning with a time of 19.90 seconds.

Wayde still remains the only man to have run a sub-10, sub-20, and sub-44 in the 100m, 200m and 400m respectively, demonstrating his ability to compete in all sprinting distances.

He was also the first South African to break through the 20-second barrier in the 200m when he blitzed to a time of 19.97 in 2015.

He will be competing in his first 400m for the year in July at the Lausanne meeting and he plans on competing in a 200m/400m double at the world championships in London in August.

Watch the video of the race below:

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