Zephany Nurse Book a Bestseller

Despite the division in opinion that it has generated, the book about the experience of Zephany Nurse has made it on to the bestseller list.

A browse through the Exclusive Books website confirms that ‘Zephany’ is in the top 5 of most sold books.

Zephany shares the top 5 space with high profile titles such as ‘The Stellenbosch Mafia’ and Mcebisi’s Jonas’ ‘Hope after State Capture’.

Zephany, who now goes by the name she has grown up with, Miche Solomons; says that she was motivated to write the book to simply tell her side of her story.

She had been forced to become a bystander in her own story, as tabloid driven gossip had turned her into a villain by when she was only a young person of 18.

No longer willing to allow the tabloids and publicity seeking radio personalities to dictate her story and instigate online bullying, she accepted an offer by biographer, Joanne Jowell, to write her story.

According to its summary, the book looks at Zephany/Miche’s ordeal of having to find out that she was kidnapped, her battle with her double identity and her complicated relationships with her biological family and the family she grew up with.

It delves into the impact that it had on her and the dark place that she fell into as a result of the trauma she experienced.

If you want to buy the book, it retails for R267 and can be found at several bookstores, including Exclusive Books.