Insaaf Donates Money for 21st to Help Abandoned Babies

Instead of having a lavish 21st birthday with all the trimmings, Insaaf Gaidien from Kuils River has decided to donate the money to the Rock A Bye Baby House for abandoned babies.

Insaaf said that she wanted to break away from the traditional 21st birthday party celebrations and decided to use her birthday to give back to the those that are most vulnerable.

“My family first asked me what I want to do for my birthday. Then I said that it would be too expensive and my parents can’t afford it. So I told my parents that instead we should give it to people who need it.”

She admits that she got a lot of raised eyebrows by her friends when she discussed her 21st birthday plans. “My friends first asked why and I said because I want to to this,” said Insaaf.

Insaaf has been working at the Rock A Bye centre for a year and she sees it as a second home. She takes care of the babies and treats them as if they were her own. The centre serves as a halfway house for babies who are abandoned, orphaned and the result of unplanned pregnancies. They care for the babies until they are adopted.

The orphanage also received a huge number of donations of medications and baby toiletries after Insaaf asked the public to donate to the centre in an article that was published in the Cape Argus. Her phone have not stopped ringing since the article was published.

Source: IOL (Edited from articles written by Marvin Charles)