Hilton Wins gold in the Paralympic Long Jump

Congratulations to Paralympian, Hilton Langenhoven, for winning gold in the long jump, making 7.07 metres in his third attempt. This is the second time he has won gold. Hilton’s journey to gold started with some heartbreak when he was disqualified in the 400 meter main event for stepping out of his lane. He admitted that he cried because of this because he felt that his mistake let down his family, his team and his country. Despite this feeling of disappointment, he picked himself up and went on to achieve what every Paralympian dreams of: Going For Gold!

Born and raised in Somerset West, Cape Town, Hilton was born with impaired vision and can only see up to three meters. He struggled with the fact that he was the only person in his family to be born as an albino and visually impaired. However, he quickly realized that he could run faster than his friends so he signed up for athletics 2001 and made his Paralympic debut in 2004 and won a silver in the long jump. At the 2008 Beijing Games, he went on to become the first South African to win medals on the track and the field in the 200m, long jump and pentathlon. It was described as the performance of the 2008 Games. He also won silver in the 400m at the 2012 Games. He says that he is very proud of the fact that he is helping to change the perceptions of people with disabilities.

Hilton’s wife, Agnetha, is also involved in sports and they got to know each other when Agnetha asked Hilton to be a mentor for the Western Cape team participating in the SA Games. They have a one year old son and both of them are Liverpool supporters.


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