Melissa is Crowned South Africa’s Top Model for 2018

When she started modeling, Cape Town’s Melissa Magiera was told that she was too fat and not particularly pretty enough for the cameras. Despite these negative comments, she was determined to establish herself within the modeling world and this determination paid off when she was crowned the winner of South Africa’s 2018 Top Model competition.

The 22 year old Melissa admits that she was anxious and nervous during the competition, but the support she received from family and friends motivated her to push through. She says that she was filled with emotion when her name was announced and didn’t know whether she should cry, laugh or shout. What made the moment particularly special was the look of pride on her mom’s face. Her mom had supported her right through and was in the audience the night she won. She says that seeing her mom being that proud was the most rewarding feeling she had ever had. However, getting to this point was not an easy journey.

Melissa says that when she began modeling, it was not a motivating experience. She was told that was not modeling material and she almost gave up because she wasn’t getting any modeling jobs. However, despite these setbacks, she continued looking for jobs and improving on her modeling profile. By the time she had entered the competition, she had already amassed an intimidating modeling portfolio and had been in constant demand for modeling jobs.

Melissa advises that to become a successful model is not as easy and it takes time. She says that you will be told horrible things about the way you look and there will always be a point where you won’t be getting any modeling jobs. She says that the only way to get through it is to develop a thick skin and believe in yourself. She says that this industry can break you down emotionally, so if you do not have that self-belief, then you won’t make it very far.

In addition to having a successful modeling career, Melissa also graduated this year with a degree in Management from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.  When she isn’t modeling, she enjoys spending time with her family, doing outdoor activities, running and of course, keeping fit in the gym.

Melissa will be leaving for London in April to represent South Africa in the Top Model Worldwide competition. South Africa’s Top Model competition is the local affiliate of Worldwide, which is one of the largest modeling talent search events in the world. She will be competing against the winners of the respective top model competitions from around the world.

Source(s): (edited from an article by Gareth Duncan), other

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