Cohen Jets off to Top International University: The Story of a Dedicated Mom

His mom had always told him to be a leader and not a follower, and that is exactly what Cohen Charles did. In a few months’ time, the 22 year old Linguistics graduate will be jetting off to Norway where he will be furthering his studies at one of the best universities in the world.

Cohen’s success can be mainly attributed to the way his mom, Elaine, raised him. Like most kids growing up in Manenberg, he could have easily become a crime statistic, but it was his mom that kept him and his twin brother off the streets. She taught them that every choice has a consequence and they should always make the right choices. She kept them in the house until they were 15, at which time she was satisfied that they could think for themselves and make the right choices.

Despite being a single working mom, Elaine also made a point of having enough time to be actively involved in their schooling. She made maths charts which she pasted on their walls so that they could practice and she created vocabulary flashcards to test them every day. She taught them the value of hard work and to this very day, Cohen lives by his mother’s life lessons.

Elaine’s hard work as a committed single mom paid off when Cohen was accepted to study Linguistics at the University of the Western Cape. He was a straight A student and last year he completed his BA degree in Linguistics. In addition to his outstanding academic record, he is also a member of the prestigious Golden Key Society and he is on the Dean’s list. In order to become a member of the Golden Key Society, a student would have to be in the top 15% of graduates at his or her university.

During his final year, he applied to study the University of Oslo in Norway as a bilateral exchange student and because of his excellent academic record, he was accepted. He is very excited about flying for the first time and being able to live in Norway and experience its unique culture.

Cohen could have easily been a crime statistics, but thanks to a dedicated mom, he is well on his way conquering the world.

Source: (edited from an article by Robin-Lee Francke)


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