16 Year Old Jacy-Lee Sacrifices his Life Trying to Save Girl from Stabbing

On Friday, the 16 year old Jacy-Lee Martin sacrificed his own life when he used his own body to stop a girl from being stabbed by her boyfriend.

According to details in an IOL article, the girl had been a friend of his and they had been in Tokai when the incident occurred.

An argument ensued and the boyfriend pulled out a knife, aiming to stab the girlfriend.

Jacy-Lee instinctively jumped in front of the girl and the knife subsequently pierced his stomach.

A witness who ran up to him to see if she could help, said that he was fighting hard to stay alive but the injury was too severe, and he eventually passed away at the scene.

His uncle, Brandon, says that this is the way Jacy-Lee was, someone who would not let anyone get hurt in front of him.

A student at Heathfield High, Jacy-Lee was a popular young man with a bright future and a big heart

He has been described as always smiling, respectful of others, energetic, unforgettable and always ready to help when needed.

As a gifted sportsman, the energetic young Jacy-Lee was a top sprinting athlete for his school and represented the school at the Western Province High Schools Champion of Champions.

He was also a member of the school’s cross country team, 24 Hour Marathon team, soccer team and involved with the drama club at school.

His teammates remember him as a competitive athlete who was a gentleman in whatever sport he played.

However, like all teenagers, Jacy-Lee was not perfect.

His principal, Wesley Neumann, says that Jacey-Lee was a bit of class clown and prankster and ended up in his office “more often than not”.

Principal Neumann says however that Jacy-Lee was just “a typical 16 year old who enjoyed” being in school and stated that despite his antics, he was never “disrespectful or rude to any adult at school”.

He also adds that Jacy-Lee commitment to the school can be seen in his determination to be “actively involved in the activities of the school”.

The principal remembers that when spoke to Jacy-Lee after his race at the Champs of Champs, he told him, “Sir I won’t disappoint you – you gonna see!!”

After the news of his heroic sacrifice broke on social media, condolences poured in from friends and family as well as strangers who saw him as a hero and an example to other men.

His alleged killer, 35 year old Joseph Mkandawire, appeared in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court but claimed that he could not understand the language being spoken at the court.

The matter was postponed to 26 March while the court finds a Chichewa translator.