Police Officers, Jolene and Jocelyn, On Mission to Feed Kids

Jocelyn (left) and Jolene (right)

As a result of the lockdown, it is hard for police officers to have any time off, but when Jolene Johnson and Jocelyn Williams does get a bit if free time, they spend it making sure that families have something to eat.

Driving around in a bakkie with masks over their faces and plenty of sanitiser, the two cops use their off days to distribute food parcels which they pay for out of their own pockets.

They say that they started delivering the parcels after “a simple Road Block in the Windvogel area where a child was on his way to shop for a packet of noodles”.

They did not know if the kid was intentionally breaking the lockdown rules or just on the way to the shop to buy some food.

They stated further that“no person in their right mind can stop a hungry child from getting something to eat”.

It is however not an easy for the police to make because they have been instructed to stop people from walking on the streets and could get into trouble if they do not do as instructed.

As a way to help “keep the kids inside” while at the same time, “giving something to families really in need”, they decided that they help solve this problem by handing out food parcels.

They stated that they cannot just be out there, chasing kids off the streets because there are many homes where the parents aren’t able to put food on the table because of the lockdown.

They point out that many of us are lucky enough to be able to put on the food table, despite the lockdown and should be aware of how many other families are struggling.

They add that they can only help a few families at a time and hope that people’s awareness will spur them to also play a part in helping others.

They suggest that the privileged few should consider adopting a family that they could help out during these tough times.

They state that if they can help keep kids of the street and in their homes, it will go a long way in ‘winning the fight against the Coronavirus.