The Berend Twins Excels Together

Having opened its doors in 2014, the Sol Plaatjie University held its first graduation ceremony in 2017 for students who have completed their 3 year degrees and diplomas. Annique Berend, who completed her three year diploma in Business Management, was named the top student in the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences.

Born and raised in Upington (Norther Cape), Annique is one half of the Berend twins studying at Sol Plaatjies. The other half, Anschke, is currently completing her four year degree in teaching with a special focus on Mathematics and Science.

In addition to their academic achievements, the twins are actively involved in all facets of student life. Both sisters serves on the Student Representative Council, with Annique serving as the treasurer and Anschke serving as the Transformation and Student Development Officer. Last year, the university held its first, Miss Sol Plaatje University pageant, and Anschke walked away with the crown.

Both sisters love their country and strongly believe that the youth should be actively involved in empowering the nation.
Anschke hopes to get everyone to work together and bring about positive change through job creation for the youth and a reduction in crime. She also believes that what makes this country special is the people that lives in it. Annique says that she has sleepless nights about making the wrong choices that would negatively impact on others. Like her sister, she wants to be actively involved in bringing about positive change, but she is most concerned about the high levels of crime. She is especially focused on devoting her life to getting the youth to use the country’s resources to empower themselves.

Their university, Sol Plaatjie, mostly focuses on subjects where there is a scarcity of skills, like maths and science. The university is still small at stage, but it is constantly adding new subjects and expanding its campus to accommodate more students.

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