5000 Ocean View Protesters Tell Drug Dealers Their Days are Numbered

Protesters in front of the house of a drug dealer

Tired of having their children terrorised, 5000 Ocean View community members came together, marching to the houses of drug dealers and telling them that “enough is enough”.

As reported by IOL, the community members came together on Sunday to march against the violence and crime that is being stoked by the drug trade.

They marched to the houses of several drug dealers with placards and chanting, “enough is enough”.

Those participating in the march referred to drug dealers as “scum” and “vuil gemorste” (dirty bastards).

They stated that their children cannot play outside and they have to sacrifice their freedom, sometimes making it nearly impossible to do normal things like shopping and going to church.

Unlike some of the other protests against drug dealers, the Ocean View protestors were peaceful and did not resort to violence.

However, all of the protests against drugs and violence started out peacefully up until when the community felt that the drug dealers and law enforcement weren’t taking them seriously.

This has resulted in the various communities losing their patience with drug dealers having to flee after being assaulted and their homes destroyed.

Violent protests against drug dealers are becoming more regular across the Cape Flats and most notably, in the Northern Cape.

Not to be outdone, Johannesburg has also joined in the fight against drugs and violence.

Last month, the community of Eldorado Park started ‘Operation Up and Out’, which is led by community leader, Dereleen James.

The community marched to the homes of drug dealers, conducted raids, and forcefully evicted and chased out several drug dealers.

When asked if she thought it was legal for the community to be evicting drug dealers from their own homes, she simply suggested that it is not legal for them to be selling drugs in any home.