Bodies of Altecia and Daughter, Raynecia, discovered in Gruesome Murder

After having been reported missing since Tuesday evening, the police finally tracked down 27 year old Altecia Kortjie and her 7 year old daughter, Raynecia, to a house in Belhar.

What they discovered however, was both tragic and gruesome.

The lifeless bodies of both mom and daughter had been discoevered, with Altecia having died from multiple stab wounds and little Raynecia having been drowned.

It is further alleged Little Raynecia had been found separate from her mom on the bathroom floor, suggesting that the murderer carried her to the bathroom to be drowned, after killing her mom.

It is possible that the mom and daughter had already been murdered on Tuesday with the murderer living with the bodies for 3 days.

A 28 year old man had been arrested and charged with murder; and will appear on Monday in the Bellville Magistrates’ Court.

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