Bryan Habana Graduates with Diploma in Business Management

One of the big mistakes that some sports men and women make is that they don’t plan for the future. Bryan Habana however, isn’t making that same mistake.

The 34 year old former international rugby player announced this week through a tweet that he had completed a Diploma in Business Management at the Toulouse Business School in France.

In the tweet, he thanked his wife, Janine, for motivating him and supporting him through his studies.

He also proudly pointed out that Janine, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Science, is actually the most qualified person in the house.

In the tweet, he suggests that he was motivated by not finishing his own Bachelor of Science degree in IT at the University of Johannesburg. He describes this as one of his biggest regrets.

His fans might however, be quick to point out that he was already a full-time national and international rugby player, so it would have been almost impossible for him to focus on his studies.

Some of his fans might even say that that, because he has a net worth of over R600 million, he does not need an education. That is where they would be wrong.

Many sportspersons with net worths of hundreds of millions, have declared bankruptcy because they did not plan for the future.

Bryan however won’t be going bankrupt anytime soon. He says that the diploma is a step forward in ‘upskilling’ himself for “life after rugby”.

In an interview, he said that he was fortunate enough to have been at a school where financial responsibility was taught.

He also adds that he surrounds himself with people that give him good financial advice.

He however admits that there were times when he made bad investment decisions, but most of his investments were sound.

One of these sound decisions was to put money into a retirement fund specifically designed for rugby players.

He does admit that he has a habit that is not good for his finances: buying the latest and most expensive sneakers.

Of the diploma, Bryan says that during the graduation ceremony, he felt a deep “sense of accomplishment” and called the moment, “incredibly special”.

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