Role Model, Seaton, Helps Kids Regain Confidence

After the murder of his 19 year old brother, Seaton Jacobs decided that he needed to play his part in making sure that young boys do not become involved in gangsterism.

The 28 year old barber from Kuils River regularly goes to schools and cuts the hair of young boys for free.

He said a lot of boys at schools in the area were being teased about their hair, but Seaton explained that their parents could not afford to cut their hair.

“It affected the young boys’ self-confidence and some of them would then stay out of school. Their teachers have told me that they have become better learners now. There is a lack of positive role models in their communities and I have become that person for them.

“Because I am regularly cutting their hair and I talk to them, they have started to see me as a role model. I feel great when I see the smiles on their faces after I have cut their hair. I am teaching them discipline and that there is more to life than gangs,” he said.

Seaton explains that his brother was killed over a year ago and this motivates him to make sure that kids don’t become gangsters. “I want them to complete school and make something of their lives,” said Seaton.

“I also a have a feeding scheme where we hand out food in poor communities and I take them with me to help. I want them to grow up also caring about other people.”

The principal of Irista Primary School, Francois Carl van Wyk, one of the schools where Jacobs cuts hair, said: “They have become so much better learners in the class. Especially because our children come from economically-deprived communities.

“In the communities of Kalkfontein and Sarepta parents do not have R50 to cut their children’s hair. They now look at Seaton as a role model and not to the drug dealer.”

Source: (edited from an article written by Rusana Philander)