Calvinia Community Chases Gangsters out of Town

As reported by News24, four members of the Terrible Joster gang has fled the Northern Cape town of Calvinia, after the community made it clear that they are no longer welcome.

In a video posted online by community leader, Selvin Theys, the community can be seen marching in an endless stream down the town’s dusty streets.

The crowd looks angry, ready to go to war, a sight certain to put fear in the hearts of the vilest of criminals.

The march was in response to ‘Operation Calvinia Clean-up’, an initiative initiated and led by Selvin, which aims to tackle crime and bring criminals to justice.

The initiative kicked off on Sunday, after a community meeting to discuss the problem of drug dealing and the illegal loans that is worsening the poverty in the community

This cycle of poverty has also escalated into other social ills, which include the possible sex trafficking of underage girls.

In another video posted by community activist, Jay Thys, a crowd is shown gathering outside a structure in which it is alleged, underage girls are being used for ‘all sorts of evil things’.

In the video, Jay makes it clear that if the community ever sees an underage girl coming from the structure, everybody that lives in the structure will be chased out of town.

He also indicated that the structure belongs to a company and that company will be consulted on the issue.

Although the march was peaceful, some members used it as an opportunity to damage property.

Selvin promised that such behaviour will not be tolerated and the perpetrators will be held accountable.

“We cannot fight crime while at the same time, promoting crime,’ says Selvin.

The next phase of the initiative will be to tackle the loan sharks that are holding on to the SASSA cards of desperate community members.

He also indicated that they paid a “friendly visit” to these loan sharks, advising them that they need to stop what they are doing.

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