Paediatric Surgeon, Dr. Marc Hendricks, Performs Concert To Raise Funds for Sick Kids

If you’ve ever visited singer, Marc Hendrick’s website, you would not have guessed that he is a highly accomplished paediatric oncologist. This year he is releasing his first solo album, Upright Citizen, and he is holding his first concert at the Artscape, all in the name of doing what he is most passionate about, helping kids.

Dr. Marc, as he is fondly referred to by his little patients and their families, currently works as a paediatric oncologist at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. His work is mainly focused on helping kids that suffer from cancer. When he is not working, he composes music and performs on stage. He has thus far released two albums, and has collaborated on several other albums with noteable South African musicians. Marc has composed music for Judith Sephuma and Peter Grant; and in 2001, he was nominated for a SAMA award in the category of ‘Best Pop-Rock Single’.

In addition to his work at the hospital, Marc is also a lecturer at the University of Cape Town and an invited lecturer at Muhimbili University Hospital in Dar-as-Salaam. He is an examiner for the College of Paediatricians of South Africa (the body that accredits medical schools), a national executive member of the South African Children’s Cancer Study Group, the current co-custodian of the South African Children’s Tumour Registry and he serves as co-chair of the weekly Red Cross online education and support platform. He has also published several papers in medical journals.

Marc did not always have the luxury of indulging in his passion for music. He has had to work hard to afford the ‘luxury’ of being able to reach a point where he can be a doctor and record music. However, even then it is not as easy as he makes it seem. The job of a doctor who saves the lives of kids is demanding and it is also emotionally difficult. Music helps him to deal with the emotional weight of his job.

Upright Citizen is Marc’s first solo album and it is named after the piano that his mother bought when he was little. Both his parents grew up poor and his mother, who became a teacher, wanted to give her kids everything that they could not have. One of the promises she made to herself was that she would buy a piano so that her kids could learn how to play it. They named the piano, the Upright Citizen, and it was the first instrument to give Marc an appreciation for music. To this very day it stands in the family home.
In addition, he also performed his track, Birdsong, for the Centenary Concert of UCT’s Faculty of Health Sciences, for which he received a standing ovation.

Marc’s favourite music genres are R&B‚ disco, 80’s pop and jazz; and he has also performed at other charity events that includes raising money for people with disabilities.
However, medicine and singing is not the only thing that Marc is good at. His friends and family have proclaimed him to be a formidable cook.

Marc is described as a wonderful, caring and compassionate doctor with the voice of an angel. Looking at everything he has done and accomplished, it is not hard to see why.

If you want to know more about Marc and his concert at the Artscape, please visit his website, You can book your tickets at Computicket. The proceeds of the concert will be donated to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.