Death Penalty Petition for Crimes Against Women Gains Massive Support

South Africans and women in particular, are becoming increasingly infuriated by the rampant violence being perpetrated against women and children.

Highlighting this anger, a petition calling on the death penalty for those committing crimes against women and children, have garnered almost 250000 signatures, in less than 24 hours.

The petition states that “crimes against women in South Africa has become an uncontrollable, vicious cycle where women and children are sexually assaulted and murdered”.

It goes on further to state that there is “little to no justice for the ones that are left behind to pick up the pieces”.

A debate started on the Facebook page of Coloured South Africa, asking for solutions to this epidemic, has also delivered a similar verdict, with most participants calling on the death penalty.

One participant called on a “National Gatvol Death Penalty Party” while some however, had much more nuanced answers.

A video posted in the comments section showed a woman who passionately spoke about the role of parents and how their lack of interest in their children are creating these monstrous human beings.

Another participant suggested that the problem is that South African families raise boys to believe that they are the king, the boss and “God’s biblical leader by default”.

He goes on further to suggest that boys, unlike girls, aren’t required to do household chores like washing the dishes, all of this leading them to believe that it is their “manly right” to hit, abuse and control women.

Others have suggested, as a solution to the problem; prayer, more competent policing, fathers that are present in their lives of their children, the removal of the scourge of alcohol and substance abuse, and even, the removal of the present government.

One participant even asked the question, ‘Where is our president?’

The petition is fast approaching 300000 signatures, so if you want to check out and/or support the petition, CICK HERE.


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