Hannah Awarded Scholarship to New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

As a musical artist and scholar, Hannah  Kerchhoff is the full package. She is smart, sings beautifully, plays the keyboard like a pro and has a certain star quality. She will soon be taking her talent abroad to the US where she will be attending The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

The 18 year old received a partial scholarship to complete an Associate Degree Program in Musical Theatre. This scholarship recognises the depth of her talent and when you have listened to her play an instrument or belt out a soulful tune, you’d know why.

Hannah’s love affair with music started at the tender age of 10. She began mastering the flute and then the keyboard to complement her vocal abilities.  It also helped that she was born into a musical family with her father, Lloydd; being a seasoned singer, songwriter, pianist and band leader. Her brother, Noah is a brilliant drummer and self-taught bassist and together, they form part of Hannah Kay SA band.

What makes Hannah so unique is her ability to adapt to all forms of music. On the flute, she can play a mean classical composition and vocally, she is able to master everything from jazz, pop, soul, R&B, hip hop, and opera. From an early age, she has been part of choirs, vocal ensemble’s, orchestra’s, marimba and jazz bands. Her band has performed at various events which include weddings, open air jazz concerts, fundraisers and corporate events.

Hannah does not like music. She loves it and believes it to be life. She says that when she reaches New York, she wants to explore the depths of music and dig deep into subjects relating to song construction, composition, song writing, arranging, sonic arts, sound recording, music theory, aural perception and sight reading.

She is also aware that the music industry is ever changing and yet there is music that remains timeless. She hopes to someday achieve what many artists have been unable to do and create the timeless classics that people will remember a hundred years from now. Given the depth of her talents, that does not seem like an impossible dream.

However, the scholarship that she receives is, as noted above, partial. This means that the scholarship only covers a part of her costs and so she needs to raise money to cover the rest of the costs. Her mother says that she had to miss out on many opportunities but her family is determined to make sure that she does not miss out on this opportunity. They feel that Hannah’s journey is a “reminder that we are South African and we can!”

As part of her fundraising efforts, she will be performing with her band at various events and functions. Her most recent performance was at the Radisson Red Hotel in Cape Town. Of course, given her talent, the event was a sold-out success.

Her mom also started a fundraising campaign on the Backabuddy website. Hannah’s additional costs will include having to pay for a variety of items such as tuition, accommodation, mandatory health insurance, VISA application fees, Flights from Cape Town to New York and the required apparel like dancing shows dance shoes for ballet. If you want to contribute to advancing the career of this talented young lady, you can visit her Backabuddy page by clicking HERE.

If you want a preview of her incredible talent, you can check out her channel on Youtube (Hannah Kay SA).