How A Group of Angry Aunties Caught and… um, ‘Taught’ Some Thugs a Lesson

On the 4th of June 2019, the police had to save the lives of 3 thieving thugs, from a group angry Bishop Lavis aunties. The aunties were still dressed in their nightgowns.

The story starts on Sunday, the 2nd of June 2019, when the three thieving thugs, , aged, 26, 28 and 52, broke into Lavisrylaan Primary School. They stole all the electrical and telephone wires, taps, cisterns and computers. The thugs also damaged the ceiling and door frame. The school’s kids, who were the in midst of an exam, were left without access to electricity and water.  On Monday, the thugs returned, this time stealing the food from the feeding scheme and the feeding scheme equipment. This would be their last crime for a very long time.

After the Monday break-in, the angry aunties were able to identify the thugs and decided that they had enough. In their colourful nightgowns, they hit the streets, chased after the thugs, caught them and gave them a beating they would never forget. The poor thugs did not know what hit them when they were being dragged down the street by their hair. In a video of the incident, one of the thugs is heard screaming, “Dit wassie ekkie, Antie”.  One of the aunties responded by shouting at him and beating him over the head with her cup.

Now, one should never celebrate and justify mob justice. The responsible and safe thing to do is to call the police. Sometimes however, one does get a bit ‘gatvol’, especially when a useless thug threatens the education of our kids. The 56 year old Beatrice Willemse echoes this sentiment when she says, “They keep on taking from our children who can’t go to school and they get into trouble on the roads. The gangs recruit them and the cycle of crime continues. Not anymore. Even if I must run in my gown whole night to catch the varke, I will. This was now enough.”

As for the thugs, it has been reported that they are out danger, safely stashed away in a jail cell, from a group of angry aunties, still dressed in their nightgowns.

Source(s):, edited from a story by Saafia February.

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