Kungfu Master Junaid Appointed Global Ambassador, Offers Free Self-Defense Classes for Women

It’s been a busy year for South Africa’s Kungfu master, Junaid Chafeker.

His book is on its way to becoming a bestseller, he was appointed as a Global Ambassador and still makes time to offer free Self Defence Classes for women.

His ambassador appointment comes on the heels of a very successful trip to India after he was invited by The Indian High Commission and The Hyderabad Tourism.

While in Hyderabad, a press conference was convened where it was announced that he would be appointed as an Official Global Ambassador for Peace Through Tourism by The Hyderabad Tourism Director and Industry.

As a man of many firsts, he once again becomes the first South African Martial Arts Champion to receive such as an honour.

Over the next year, he will be working closely with several Bollywood Movie Stars and Indian Sports Stars to help and motivate youth across India and South Africa.

His role is to also promote spreading peace, inclusivity and integration of the different cultures and religions across the world

He is also setting his sights on empowering women through free Kungfu Martial Arts Workshops for women and girls that will run through the 16 days of activism campaign and will continue into 2020.

Junaid believes that “all women in our lives should be loved, honoured and respected”.

He also believes that “it is vital we address the mindsets of young males, as to how they perceive women in their lives”.

“If a 15 year old male is disrespectful towards any female in his life, and this mindset is not addressed and rectified, we are going down a slippery slope and it could end up being problematic,” says Junaid.

He believes that the best way to combat gender-based violence is to ‘equip women with self-defence skills’ and changing the mind-sets of young males as to how they view women.

His free workshop is just a continuation of his work in the community, having spent the last 4 years working with disadvantaged youth across the province and teaching them the basics of Kungfu Martial Arts.

The first self-defence workshop took place on the 19th of November 2019 and will continue on the 21st, 26th, 28th of November; and the 2nd and 3rd of December 2019 in Parow, Athlone, Mitchells Plain and The City Bowl.

He will also continue to market and promote his book with Cape Town Mayor, Dan Plato, hosting an official launch of the book on the 28th of November 2019 at the Cape Town Library.

He will then leave for Pretoria and Johannesburg on the 29th of November for 4 days to launch the book there.

Despite having not been officially launched, the book has already sold over 1000 copies.

If you are interested in the self-defence workshops or want details about the book, you can contact Salma Doran at mjlimanagement@yahoo.com/mjlikungfu@gmail.com or call her at 081 711 1211 / 082 454 3027.

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