Paxton Wins Idols South Africa 2017

When Paxton Fielies entered the Idols competition, she was just a shy 16 year old kid from Bishop Lavis who loved singing, eating pizzas and reading books. At the time, she had no idea that she would be crowned South Africa’s 2017 Idols winner.

Despite her obvious talent and star presence, Paxton was not planning on entering the competition because she was not convinced that she would get very far. It was her mother, Chrystal, that encouraged her to enter and we all know that mothers are never wrong. Paxton says that her mom is constantly motivating her and it is because of her mom that she is committed to bettering herself on a daily basis.

Even when she qualified as the youngest contestant for 2017, she was still not convinced that she would make it this far. It was the constant support of her family and friends that boosted her confidence and kept her moving forward. Her granny, Daphny, is very proud of her and brags about her to everyone. You may have also spotted her proud uncle on camera, crying tears of joy during her performances. She also gets a lot of positive encouragement and advice from her friends with whom she video chats every week, especially before every performance.

Her teacher, Charmin Roman, says that she is very proud of how Paxton has grown from an introverted kid at school to someone that can take the national stage with confidence. Paxton’s school, Belhar High, also had Kim Engelbrecht, Lee-Anne Williams  and Jo-Dee Butler as learners.

Paxton admits that she is always very nervous during every performance, but she reminds herself that people are watching and voting for her, so she has to remain calm and perform. She is very grateful for the support of her growing fan base and reading their supportive messages really boosted her confidence.

She will be debuting the music video of her first single, Demonstrate, very soon. She says that her success is proof that you can achieve your goals regardless of your age or where you come from. When she was asked what advice she would give people her aged, she quoted Biggie Smalls: “Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart’s in it, and live the phrase, the sky’s the limit”.