Yusuf Killed by Drunk Driver on Day of Lifting of Alcohol Restrictions

On the day that the ban against alcohol was lifted, a young Cape Town man had his life taken away by the actions of what seems to be a drunk driver.

The 24 year old Yusuf Sedick had been on his way home from work when a driver slammed into his motorcycle, seemingly killing him instantly.

The driver and his friends got out of the vehicle and dragged Yusuf’s body to a nearby tree, allegedly attempting to cover up their crime.

However, despite their best efforts, they had already been identified by witnesses and their Citi Golf tracked down.

The driver of the car seemed to have fled but the passengers were still in the car, along with numerous and mostly empty beers and ciders.

His distraught father, Ashraf, had taken pictures of the vehicle and the alcohol bottles that were strewn across the car.

Yusuf leaves behind his mom, dad, sisters and an Athlone community that held him in high esteem.

Like most young men, he was an avid lover of cars and motorcycles, participating regularly in breakfast runs with other enthusiasts.

His death has caused a huge uproar on social media, with many questioning the lifting of the alcohol ban at this stage of the COVID pandemic.

Some have called on the President to extend the ban until the pandemic is under control while others have called for its outright permanent banning.

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