Shoprite Bursaries for Pharmacy, Accounting, IT, Management

If you are a kid hoping to become anything from a pharmacist to a manager, it would be wise to check out what Shoprite has to offer.

The shopping chain group is offering comprehensive bursaries to support those that either want to study next year or who is currently studying.

More specifically, the bursary is for those wants to or who is currently studying pharmacy, chartered accounting, supply chain management and logistics, as well as information technology and retail business management.

The bursary will provide financial assistance for tuition and on-campus accommodation.

It is important to note that if you want the bursary, then you will have to work for Shoprite for a certain amount of time, after graduating.

This also means that, after graduating, you are given guaranteed employment at various offices around Africa as well as opportunities through programmes such as the apprenticeships at Shoprite’s Data Science Academy.

If you’re young, ambitious and serious about your future, go to the bursary website by clicking HERE.

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