Amanda Appointed Magistrate of George’s First Municipal Court

Congratulations to Amanda Joubert  for being  appointed Magistrate of George’s newly opened Municipal Court. The court’s role will be to hear traffic offences and to prosecute cases related to the contravention of council by-laws and building regulations.

The court was established because the population of George is growing and as a result, the number of cases that needs to be heard is also growing. The growth in the number of cases meant that only a limited amount of cases could be heard at the Magistrates Court but the Municipal court will make it possible to hear more cases.

Born and raised in Ravensmead, Amanda started her career as an attorney after graduating from the University of the Western Cape in 2004. Apart from her work in the High Court, she also worked as a prosecutor at the Mossel Bay Municipal Court.

The court officially opened on the 3rd of April 2017, so if you have any traffic fines, you better get your affairs in order. There is a new Sheriff in town, and she’s not messing around.