An Introduction to Jeanette Oliphant, Super Nurse

Nurse, Jeanette Oliphant, has been recognised as one of the top nurses in the Western Cape.

The 53 year old Jeanette Oliphant is an enrolled nursing assistant at the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre in Lentegeur and has more than 30 years’ experience in the provincial health department. Her dedication to serving her patients stretches far beyond her required time at the office. She treats all patients with respect and dignity.

“I am dedicated to making a difference in my community. Because many families are affected by unemployment, financial difficulty and substance and physical abuse, I regularly volunteer in a number of church and youth programmes, to assist community members who require guidance or advice,” says Oliphant.

She regularly visits persons with disabilities and their families in her neighbourhood to educate and upskill them in caring for a person with a disability. She is motivated to improve the quality of life and independence of people with disabilities – a key goal of patient-centred care.

Oliphant is known for serving her community without hesitation – many a time without remuneration.

“My return on investment has always been the reassurance that I have made a difference. I hope to continue giving back to my community even after my retirement,” says Oliphant.

Beyond volunteering at various church and youth programmes, she ensures staff adhere to all occupational health and safety policies. She has implemented pressure-relief practices to educate patients on how to relieve pressure while in a wheelchair as pressure sores can become infected and in some cases can cause death.

She implemented a programme for catheter-associated urinary tract infections to uphold standards and the right technique for removing urinary catheters from spinal-cord injury patients.

Source: Edited from a News24 article