Dennis’ Events Management Company Voted One of Best in Cape Town

The thing that makes Hangberg’s Dennis Davids such an in-demand events and PR manager is that he knows how to spot what people want. His entire profession is about giving people what they want, and he has become so good at it, that his company, DDEM, has been voted as one of the best events management companies in Cape Town, by the popular ‘Of Local’ website.

Since starting DDEM 7 years ago, the 34 year old Dennis’ company has grown into one of the most reputable events management companies in Cape Town. His clients include some of the leading hotels in Cape Town such as The Adderley Hotel, Protea Hotel Fire & Ice and The Ritz Hotel. He has also collaborated with well-known celebrities like Hectic 9 presenter, Samora Mangesi; radio presenter, Irma G; local singer; Salome; and X-Factor winners, FOUR. However, for Dennis, it has been a long hard road of building experience and risking it all in pursuit of success.

After graduating, he was employed as a marketing co-ordinator for the college he graduated from, Boston City College. It was here that he realized that he had a gift for events and PR, and soon, the entrepreneurial bug began to bite. After painstakingly planning his next move, he resigned at the age of 28, and started DDEM with his savings and pension money. What followed was long hours and sleepless nights of finding clients, planning events and building a reputation as someone that can be trusted to deliver. Dennis emphasizes that it is this trust built between himself and his clients that has been essential to his success.

Now 34, Dennis says that the key to success is having the right attitude. You have to be positive and proactive. You have to also put in longer hours and working harder than everyone else. The more successful you become, the longer the hours becomes. The events and PR industry is very competitive so it requires a lot of sacrifice and commitment. Treat each client like they matter and they will always want to work with you.

It is not always about business for Dennis. A lifelong resident of Hangberg in Cape Town, he knows what it is like to grow up under tough conditions, which is why he is so committed to uplifting his community. This past Easter, he hosted an Easter puppet show for 100 kids and surprised them with Easter treats. He also tries to get young people involved in the industry because of the opportunities that is available. He hopes that young people will look at him and realise that you do not have to be a victim of your circumstances.

DDEM is still a very young company and Dennis intends to continuously expand into new areas. He is few days away from launching his own catering company and his long term goal is to manage the Miss South Africa event. Some may say he dreams too big but dreaming big is what got him this far and he does not intend on slowing down.

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