Worcester academic, Suzall Timm, receives her PHD

“This PhD is not only mine, but belongs to every child, young woman and young man who had a dream. Do not give up, work hard. But most importantly, be of service to others. ”

These are the words of the 32 year old Dr. Suzall Timm. Originally from Avian Park in Worcester, she completed her thesis last year and received her doctorate in criminology in December from the University of Cape Town (UCT).

She repeatedly emphasized that her degree actually constituted a team effort. “I do not want a lot of focus on me, but on all the people who contributed to my success. It was not always easy, but now that I’m finished with the process, I realize that although the degree is in my name, there are many people who contributed. ”

The title of her thesis is, ‘Modalities of Regulation in the Informal Economy: A Study of Informal Waste Collectors in Cape Town’. It focuses on the people that walks around with trolleys, collecting trash from garbage bins and recycling them. She feels that because they collect trash, people treat them like trash, but what she realised is that they have organisation skills, business skills and observation skills.

The thing that she struggled with at university was, English. She is an Afrikaans girl from an Afrikaans school that had to suddenly adapt to English lectures, assignments and exams; and even had to do her thesis in English. “I had to even start thinking in English,” she said.

Of her great achievement says Dr. Timm, it was sometimes very difficult to push through in college. However, she had a team of supporters who encouraged her. She is particularly grateful to her family, her grandparents and several teachers at her school, Breërivier: Ricky Beukes (formerly Muller), Pat Aronse, Mr. Titus and Sylvia Fourie and Anver Nagia of the Total petrol station in Riverview.

Dr. Timm, who passed matric in 2001, is a research fellow at UCT’s Global Risk Governance Programme and she also works part-time for a non-governmental organization in Cape Town.

Although she excelled academically, she wants to do practical things to make a difference in people’s lives. “Always remember: people matter!”

Source (Edited and translated): Nuus24