Heart 104’s Clarence Ford Says de Lille will Change Political Landscape in Western Cape

In a Facebook post on Wednesday morning, Heart 104.9FM DJ, Clarence Ford, gave his opinion on the current de Lille/DA saga and the future of the political landscape in the Western Cape.

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Western Cape Politics is about to Change

By Clarence Ford

Today is D Day (or is it DA DAY) for Patricia de Lille. In a nutshell today is about the following;

The DA, yesterday laid charges against Patricia de Lille and Brett Herron, in what can be described as a classic rear guard action. Such an action, is a classic strategy to enable the safe retreat of a losing party or on the battle field, the safe retreat of defeated troops.

The action is not so much based on fact or evidence, but more on jeopardizing whatever, post DA strategy, Patricia may embark on. They seek to muddy the waters for voters who head to the polls in 2019, by dragging Patricia through a legal process in the lead-up to such elections.

The action proposes that the DA is in fact scared of the fall-out that the spat with Patricia can cause. So what is the fall-out?

Patricia was the poster girl for the DA, in the last local government elections. As poster girl, and given the widespread discontent with Zuma, 66% of voters in the metropole voted DA.

DA Policy, discontent with Zuma (corruption) and Patricia’s resonance with the voters enabled this landslide victory. The DA is scared of the amount of voters that Patrica may take with her, if her future is an old, existing or new political movement.

I have argued in the past, that the DA has national ambitions, and cannot be seen to be pandering to minorities who bolster its constituency in the Western Cape.

I have also argued that the ANC, with its policy of “Blacks in General” and “African Blacks in Particular” have ostracized coloured voters.

Add to this a myriad of coloured nationalist and even secessionist movements that are mobilizing at present, it is possible that Patricia could, through a new movement, mobilize sufficient support to significantly alter the political lay of the land in the Western Cape.

What is clear is that, the Western Cape could be a very different place in 2019.

I just hope that the future is a resurgent solidarity with the poor and the working class, regardless of race!

I am gonna be watching a lot of tv today!

Lekker Dag!