R1.4 Million Wasted on Investigating Mayor de Lille for Nothing

In an address delivered to the City of Cape Town’s Council, Mayor Patricia de Lille revealed that approximately R1.4 million had been spent investigating her for a corruption allegation for which she was found to be innocent. The allegation relates to a 2014 threat and risk analysis done by the South African Police Service, to determine whether a security upgrade is necessary at her home. SAPS estimated that the cost of the upgrades would amount to approximately R500000. However, by completion, the total cost of the upgrades amounted to R140000, which represents a saving of 72% or R360000 At the time, it was falsely reported by news outlets including Sunday Times, News24, Business Day and Politicsweb, that the Mayor had lied and the upgrades represented irregular expenditure. Based on these false allegations, Western Cape DA leader, Bonginkosi Madikizela spearheaded a campaign to have the Mayor removed through a motion of no confidence. The DA failed in removing but had since then continued to sling accusations of corruption against her.
The DA’s latest attempt comes from a possibly fraudulent forensic report done by Bowman’s, a legal firm which had continually failed to provide coherent explanations for their findings. Bowman’s produced two reports, both with contradictory and unsubstantiated findings. It is not clear at this point,  how much Bowman’s was paid to write these two reports.