Pastor Claims that Coloureds Won’t go to Heaven

A pastor in Namibia has rubbed Coloureds the wrong way when he claimed that ‘mixed people, Basters and Coloureds’ is “not going to end up in heaven”.

Preaching during a service at his ‘Throne of Grace Ministries’ in Grootfontein (Namibia), Prophet Erastus Nghuulikwa delivered a sermon that could best be described as rambling and incoherent.

He assured the congregation that ‘you cannot tell if this person is white or black’ both in the world and in the spiritual realm.

“They are just there,” exclaimed an excited Nghuulikwa.

He further claimed that that ‘you cannot tell if this person is born again’ because ‘they are mixed, they are Coloured in the spiritual realm’.

During the service, he called on some visibly distressed and crying mixed race Namibians to step forward, one of which was a child.

Not quite sure of where his message is heading, he assures them that they ‘can enter and that God created everybody for his glory’.

However, after telling them that “these people look beautiful”, he reverts back to his rambling message by stating that 2020 is the year of repentance for Coloured people.

He asserts with great enthusiasm that “they are coloured people when it comes to the gospel” with ‘one leg in the world and the other leg in the change’.

Explaining what he means, he says that ‘during the change, Coloureds are holy but after the change, Coloured went back into the world’.

He ends off his sermon by assuring his congregation that “these people are Coloured, they are mixed in the spiritual realm, and although they are not God’s people, if you are Coloured, you are mixed, and you’re not getting into heaven”.

The good pastor makes a dramatic exit, virtually dropping the mike on something that made no sense and might have gotten him more than he bargained for.

A relatively uninspiring young man, the pastor’s Facebook videos only generates a few hundred views.

His sermon on Coloureds however generated (at the time of writing) 75 thousand views, 811 shares and 1.3 thousand comments.

Most, if not all, of these comments did not agree with his sentiments.

Namibians and South Africans of all races attacked Nghuulikwa as a false prophet and ridiculed him for “having no knowledge of the gospel”, delivering a “deceitful message” and being Satanic.

It should be noted however, that after a brief spell of fame, the incoherent pastor is back to getting only a few hundred views and will soon end up in the dusty sands of forgotten viral videos.