Young Librarian, Claudine, Found Murdered Behind Local Creche

When Jonkersberg’s Claudine Neys left home for work on Tuesday morning, little did her family know that this would be the last time they’d see her alive.

According to a social media post by journalist, Julian Jansen, the 22 year old Librarian usually arrived home at 16:20 in the afternoon.

It was not like her to arrive later than that and when she did not arrive at her usual time, her family became worried and started searching for her.

The community joined in on the search and after more than two hours of searching, they made a gruesome discovery.

The promising young woman’s lifeless body was found at the back of the local creche, with her hands and feet tied with cellotape behind her back, and a cable-tie around her neck.

Details as to the cause of death or the motive for the murder have not been available, but the police is already on the hunt for a local suspect.

The police says that they had traced clues back to the area in which the suspect lived.

When he saw them arriving in the area, he fled and disappeared into the dense forest with the police hot on his heels.

They stated that they are currently on the hunt for the suspect using the assistance of K-9 Units from Mossel Bay and George.

With the recent disappearance of the 8 year old Tazne van Wyk, the seemingly sadistic murder of Claudine once again highlights the extend of the violence perpetrated against South African women of all ages and backgrounds.

If any member of the public has information that can lead to the arrest of suspect, you can call the investigation Officer Sgt. Freddie Nel at 084 610 8357, the Great Brakrivier Police at 044 602 8304 / 8305 or Crime Stop at 08600 10111.