Police Catch Man Suspected of Murdering Clodine

The man suspected of murdering the 22 year old Clodine Nuys has been found and arrested.

The arrest came after a manhunt which included the community and the K-9 Units from Mossel Bay and George.

The police had on Wednesday traced the suspect to the area in which he lived but the suspect fled when he saw them, disappearing into the dense nearby forest.

When they finally tracked him down, he was found hiding in some bushes, presumably having to endure the cold mountain air since having fled in fear.

He once again tried to run away, but the police and community gave chase, finally catching him and throwing him into the police van.

He is currently being held in at the Groot-Brakrivier police station and will appear in court Monday morning for the murder of the young librarian.

Clodine’s body was found on Tuesday behind a local creche, with her hands and feet tied behind her back, cellotape over her mouth and a cable-tie around her neck.

It is not clear what the motive for her murder was, but it had been reported that her cellphone and the keys to the library she worked at, was missing.