America Wants to Hear Andrea Martinez Sing

Last year, Andrea Martinez from Strand successfully auditioned for the casting director of Tyler Perry Studios and the director of the International ARTS Convention. Her performance was so outstanding that she will soon get to showcase her talent to Netflix, Disney and Nickelodeon.

Andrea heard of the audition through talent scout and director of the Just You Agency, Elsubie Verlinden, who helped Andrea with the audition process. A few hours after Andrea’s audition, Elsubie called the young singer and congratulated her on being chosen to represent South Africa at the International ARTS Convention happening in Florida in June.

Andrea is only 14-years-old now, but she’s been singing since the age of five. As a child, she enjoyed singing to all her favourite dolls while holding onto a hairbrush, which she used as her microphone.

She also loved listening to the songs her mother and father played. In fact, it was their musical preferences, which sparked Andrea’s interest in music. As parents, they enjoyed their daughters’ artistic skills and it led to them enrolling Andrea at a music school for vocal lessons and a few piano classes too.

Soon thereafter, Andrea started participating in local Eisteddfod competitions where music, drama and poetry are performed. While attending Beaumont Primary School in Somerset West, Andrea’s love for music had evolved so much that, she joined the schools arts and culture program, performing at school concerts and fundraisers.

As an 11-year-old girl, Andrea was pretty much just having fun. However when her school was invited to Singapore to take part in an interactive musical titled ‘we create the World’, Andrea’s opinion of the arts changed. To her it was more than just a means of having fun, but rather a promising career she could follow.

Returning home from the trip to Singapore, Andrea grew even more curious about the music industry. After she completed her schooling at Beaumont, Andrea joined Rhenish Girls’ High School in 2018 and to no surprise; the first department she joined was the music department.

Andrea loves music and says she cannot wait to showcase her talent to international agents, managers and casting directors.

With that in mind, it is only normal that Andrea starts to feel a bit nervous, but says she knows how to counter them. Practice-practice and more practice is how she chooses to calm her nerves. Her training routine includes attending vocal lessons and she has a few performances lined up before her trip in June.

In addition to this, Andrea has also been attending two artist boot camps in Johannesburg, where industry professionals have been teaching her the different styles of acting as well as other performance techniques.

“I’m really grateful for the doors that have been opening for me and cannot thank my parents enough for their support on my journey. They are constantly reminding me to reach for my goals and that means the world to me,” Andrea says.

The singer has plans to pursue a career in music and acting, and she believes that opportunities like the International ARTS Convention will be the foundation of her acting and music career. “I hope to get a few a call-backs after my visit to Florida, but I’m more excited about the seminars that I’ll be attending.”

But the pop idol isn’t all about “that life” of all work and no play. She says she is not planning to waste a good trip to America without doing some sightseeing. A trip to Walt Disney World Theme Park is at the top of her bucket list and she jokes that she might even bring home a funny American accent.

Andrea has worked hard and she deserves every opportunity coming her way. Her advice to aspiring singers like herself is to work hard and not give up. She believes that if you work hard towards what you want, opportunities will come knocking, and doors are bound to open.

Note: A special thanks to Andrea Martinez for making time to speak with us.

Source: (Helderberg Gazette: Riata Nel);