Eben Etzebeth Included in World Cup Squad, Despite Allegations and Assault and Racism

The South African Rugby Union have confirmed that Eben Etzebeth will be included in the Springbok’s Rugby World Cup squad, despite allegations of assault and racism.

It was reported yesterday that Etzebeth is alleged to have been involved in an incident where he was part of a group of men that referred to Coloureds as “honots”.

It is further alleged that the group violently assaulted one of the men they had directed the racial slur at, and assaulted another resident who tried to stop the attack.

The Rugby Union stated that it had spoken to Etzebeth and was ‘conditionally’ satisfied with his denial of any wrongdoing.

The Union also suggested that they would reconsider their decision if it is found by the police that there was sufficient evidence that Etzebeth could be charged.

An assault charge has been laid at the local police station but no arrests have been made as of yet, and confusingly, no suspects identified.