Gatvol Capetonian Threatens to ‘Moer’ Angus McKenzie, and Other Colourful Things

In a video circulating on WhatsApp, Gatvol Capetonian’s Fadiel Adams can be heard levelling a scathing attack against Angus Mckenzie, after the Bonteheuwel councillor criticised their plans to shut down Cape Town.

The shutdown is scheduled to happen on Thursday from 05:00am and aims to bring traffic to a standstill on arterial roads and highways leading in and out of central Cape Town

The organisers of the shutdown, Gatvol Capetonians, claim that they have the support of residents in several areas which include Parkwood, Factreton, Kensington, Ocean View, Mamre and Paarl.

They stated that the reason for the protest is the lack of housing for coloured people in the province and the “apartheid-style spatial planning”.

Adding merit to their concerns, the city recently cancelled five low cost housing projects that would have been closer to the city centre and would have contributed to eroding the apartheid-style planning.

Angus McKenzie, who has been marred in several controversies, expressed his displeasure with the protest on a recent Facebook post in which he called it “illegal” and “counterproductive”.

Fadiel however did not take kindly to McKenzie’s comments and responded by releasing the video.

In the video, Fadiel can be heard saying that it is a disgrace that the last football field in Bonteheuwel has been demolished to build houses.

He elaborated that the reason they chose to destroy the football field, is because the DA does not want poor people living too close to the suburbs where there is land available.

He went on further to point out that Mckenzie had run over a 6 year old and stated that the reason Ashley Kriel was murdered was because of people like Mckenzie’s father, Patrick Mckenzie.

At the time, Patrick Mckenzie had been a supporter of apartheid, served in the apartheid administration and is generally despised by anti-apartheid veterans in Bonteheuwel.

Adding to the fire, he suggested that because of his family history, McKensie should have been “castrated” to stop his “genes” from spreading.

He also threatened to “moer” McKenzie if he tried to sit next to him and also warned J.P. Smith that no protestor should be harmed.

Fadiel emphasized however that there will no stoning of vehicles or burning of property, although he could not confirm the same for the burning of tyres.

The rest of the video contains language that may be ‘too hot to handle’ for Coloured SA’s ‘family-friendly’ audience, so you will have to watch the video by yourself to see what happens next.


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